Tori (n.)


definition: baker extraordinaire and lover of food

I’m Tori. I was born to be in the kitchen covered in flour and food stains. Cooking, baking, and serving food to my family and friend is my idea of relaxation. I enjoy eating it with them as well.

This is where I share recipes and musings about my culinary adventures. Oh yes, and pictures, as I am also growing into my hobby of food photography.

My dream is to one day be able to earn a living and contribute to my family as a food entrepreneur in whatever way that looks like. I have a LOT of ideas!

The name of this blog is a combination of the two things I most enjoy. Flour is first, because you can’t bake without it whether it be all purpose, almond or coconut. You can bake without parchment, although I don’t know why anyone would ever want to. Back in the day, parchment was also the means that scribes wrote books and letters on. I love a good book, and I am always trying to improve as a writer. The result of this conflation of thoughts is my blog title: Flour and Parchment.

I hope you find this an enjoyable place to explore the kitchen and all its wonders with me. Welcome to my little spot on the web!

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